More than 15 years of data validates the exceptional performance of our

Varietal Technology

  • Cross between a known superior mother tree and a known superior father tree
  • The best single genotypes from among the best families are replicated exactly
  • Utilizes either the process of tissue culture or rooted cuttings
    Use of molecular markers to make early selections will reduce testing time to 0-3 years
  • 1,000 Varietals currently being tested annually with 15 years of data collected on performance

Components of a Varietal Program

Somatic Embryogenesis

Somatic Embryogenesis can be used to mass produce genetically identical varietal seedlings. It is a process of embryo initiation and development in tissue culture from non-embryogenic tissue such as leaf and stem or tissue from seeds. Since somatic embryos lack the nutritive tissue and seed coat of a typical seed, they are carefully nurtured in the laboratory until they develop into independently growing plantlets. Somatic embryogenesis enables cost effective production of millions of genetically identical Pines. The very best embryos can be cryostored for many years.

Vegetative Propagation

Vegetative Propagation is the process of regenerating plants from a cutting, such as a small branch, root or leaf.  ArborGen takes cuttings or shoots from high-quality trees and roots them to produce vigorous new trees, preserving the best of the best.  The new plants are genetically identical to the original, so a tree with superior traits can be maintained far beyond the lifetime of the original plant.  Vegetative Propagation has been used to improve agricultural crops for centuries.