Varietals (AGV) Pine Seedlings

Grow faster.  Harvest sooner.  Earn more.

Incomparable Genetics

Higher Revenue Sooner

Most Sawtimber Trees / Acre

By planting Varietals pine seedlings, you can grow the most profitable forest possible.

AGV Age 2 – Coastal Plain

Varietal Pine Seedling - 9 Foot Tall Tree At Two Years

AGV Age 5 – Piedmont

Varietal Pine Seedling - 21 Foot Tall Tree At Five Years

AGV Age 10 – Piedmont

Varietal Pine Seedling - Growth After 10 Years

Get the Ultimate Productivity and Profitability from Your Forest Land

Best Log Quality Possible

Increased growth

Improved straightness

Reduced forking

Better fusiform rust resistance

Highest Forest Productivity

Earliest thinning

Soonest harvest age

Most high-value sawtimber per acre

Optimum Financial Returns

More than 80% more sawtimber

80 – 120% gain in Net Present Value [NPV]

Greater than 50% gain in revenue

ArborGen Varietals (AGV) Pine Seedlings:

Fewer seedlings per acre need to be planted to produce more sawtimber per acre

Each Varietal is an exact genetic copy of a specific tree tested for superior traits

The top 1% performers of 6000 tested loblolly families

Both bareroot and container stock types are available

Twenty years of data is available to support and validate performance

Seedlings are developed for optimal performance in specific geographical regions

1000 new varieties are being tested

8 Questions To Ask Before Buying Seedlings Cover Arborgen Tree Seedlings Varietals Pine Seedlings

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What are my various genetic seedling choices and what are the key differences among them?

No longer are pine seedlings a commodity purchase so it’s important to know your options. Research and development have brought many choices for every landowner and the ability to improve the return on investment on their pine forest.

As loblolly pine is the most important tree for commercial reforestation in the U.S. South, there are two other options for this important species in addition to Varietals: conventional Open-Pollinated (OP) and Mass Control Pollinated (MCP®).

Click here to learn even more about seed choices.

What is the appropriately adapted seed source for my planting location

Not knowing the seed source of your pine seedlings can be devastating. Pine seedlings produced from seed with Florida parentage won’t survive or reach their full potential on a site in Virginia. Experienced seedling providers such as ArborGen can provide the correct geographic seed source and genetic performance data to landowners.

What kind of customer support should I expect regarding my pine seedlings, before, during and after the sale?

Make sure the reforestation company you work with asks you about your goals for you and your family and helps you develop a plan to achieve those. They should communicate with you in a clear, transparent way the facts and data that support their claims.

Ask about their quality control and tracking systems to make sure they are delivering you the high quality seedlings you expect.

They should be able to deliver what you want, where you want it, when you want it. And your reforestation company should commit to being there for advice and support after planting until first thinning. You are in this for the long haul – they should be too.

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