Jason Cromer

Reforestation Advisor

Gulf Coast, South Alabama

Jason Cromer Small Circle 1 Arborgen Tree Seedlings Jason Cromer


Bachelor of Science in Forestry, Mississippi State with an emphasis on Wildlife Management.

Professional Background

Jason began his career with ArborGen as a Production Coordinator in 2016 at the Selma, Alabama, nursery before moving to the nursery in Shellman, Georgia. He was then promoted to Nursery Manager at the South Carolina Taylor Nursery in 2019.
He earned a bachelor’s degree in forestry from Mississippi State with an emphasis on wildlife management. Jason also assisted Mississippi State with a short rotational bio-fuel research program focused on genetics and breeding until the fall of 2016.

I’m Jason Cromer. I graduated from Mississippi State in 2013 and started a master’s program with an emphasis on breeding techniques as well. I also worked there as a research associate. Currently, I’m the Reforestation Advisor (RA) for Florida and South Alabama. Before starting this job, I worked at three of the ArborGen nurseries, the last being the nursery manager at Taylor Nursery in South Carolina. Coming from the production side of ArborGen, I know the demanding work and care it takes to produce a seedling crop and create value for our customers.

When I was growing up, at the end of a school day, I was the kid who didn’t want to sit down and do homework; I would call my friend Eric, grab my dog and go for a walk in the woods. That grew my love for the outdoors and contributed to my attending Mississippi State to major in forestry. In fact, Mississippi Reforestation Advisor Dr. Paul Jeffreys was one of my teachers.

The fun and most rewarding aspect of what we do is helping people because they invest in their families and future. For many of the people we talk with, it’s not for them. It’s for their grandkids. And that’s the most rewarding thing we can do, knowing that we’re putting something out there that they’ve invested for their family, and you’ve helped them make a decision they feel comfortable with at the end of the day. That’s what really matters, seeing them get excited about what’s out on their property.