Forestry Tree Seedlings

Plant the Future of Forestry With ArborGen

Forestry Tree Seedlings

Plant the Future of Forestry With ArborGen

The Best Start for a Healthy Forest

Planting a healthy forest begins with high-quality seedlings. At ArborGen, we offer a wide selection of tree seedlings tailored for forestry professionals and agricultural buyers. Our seedlings are meticulously grown and nurtured, ensuring the best start for your reforestation projects. With ArborGen’s seedlings, you can achieve optimal growth, maximize returns, and create a sustainable forest ecosystem.

Tree Seedling Varieties

Experience the remarkable advantages of ArborGen’s tree seedlings tailored to meet your specific needs. Elevate the success of your reforestation projects with our resilient, high-growth seedlings, ensuring optimal support for thriving timberland tract.

Pine Seedlings

ArborGen offers forestry professionals a wide range of pine seedling varieties optimized for growth, disease resistance, and high-quality wood. Whether you’re seeking MCP® seedlings, or open pollinated seedlings, we have the perfect options to support your reforestation goals, ensuring a thriving and successful forest ecosystem

Mass Control Pollinated Pine Seedlings – MCP®

  • 50% More Revenue vs 2nd Gen
  • 1st thinning as early as 11-13 years
  • 1st thinning can yield 30% more than OP and as much as 30% with solid wood potential
  • Final Harvest with 60-80% as Sawtimber

Open Pollinated Pine Seedlings – OP

  • 25% More Revenue vs 2nd Gen
  • 1st thinning as early as 13-15 years
  • 1st thinning can yield 40-50 tons per acre
  • Final Harvest with 20-50% of trees as Sawtimber

Hardwood Seedlings

At ArborGen, we offer a diverse range of hardwood seedlings specifically tailored for wildlife food and habitat, wetlands restoration, and reclamation projects. With species such as Ash, Bald Cypress, Dogwood, Hickory, Oak, Poplar, Sweetgum, Tupelo, and more, we provide the perfect selection to support your conservation and ecosystem enhancement goals.

Hardwood Seedlings for Revenue Generation

  • High Survival & Value
  • Over 50 Species
  • Plantation, Wildlife, Conservation, and Reforestation Projects
  • Best seed sources for local climate & soils

SMART-LOADED™: What Makes ArborGen Seedlings So Different?

We believe it should be easy for you to grow a healthy, profitable forest for your family. You shouldn’t have to worry about making a bad seedling investment and ending up with a 2nd rate forest with low returns. We’ve proven that planting the very best seedlings available gives you maximum growth, better tree quality, and higher returns. We are here to help you choose the appropriate seedlings to match your land and meet your goals. We’ll make sure each and every load of seedlings is SMART-LOADED™ to ensure optimal freshness of your order.

Our “Beside You Every Step of the Way” Promise

We Will:

Advise you about your land as if it were our own.

Always communicate with you in a clear, transparent way with integrity.

Always  be dedicated to providing the best performing seedlings available anywhere.

Be here for you whenever you need us.

Be there when you harvest in 25 years!  We're both in this for the long haul.

Five Questions To Ask Before Buying Seedlings

Find Out the Top 8 Questions You Need to Ask BEFORE Buying Seedlings (from anyone)

We want you to feel confident you know how to make the best choice for your unique land and goals. We value your information and only want to provide you with actionable, valuable information we think you will find helpful and nothing ‘salesly’.  Download our free PDF today!


What species of hardwood seedlings does ArborGen offer?

ArborGen offers diverse hardwood seedlings, including oak, sycamore, chestnut, and various other hardwood species. Visit our Hardwood Seedlings page to explore our complete selection.

How do I determine the number of hardwood seedlings I need for my project?

The number of hardwood seedlings you need depends on various factors, such as the size of your land, desired density, and specific project goals. Our experienced Reforestation Advisors can assist you in determining the appropriate quantity based on your project requirements.