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LEAVE YOUR LEGACY: Hardwood Seedlings For Wildlife Habitat:

Whether you want to establish a small wildlife sanctuary or contribute to more extensive conservation efforts, our hardwood seedlings are an excellent choice.

  • Create diverse ecosystems and provide habitat for various wildlife species.
  • Support biodiversity by offering shelter and food sources for animals.
  • Contribute to the conservation and restoration of native habitats.
  • Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your land while promoting ecological balance.
  • Provide opportunities for wildlife observation and recreational activities.

Hardwood Seedlings For Commercial Forestry:

Our hardwood seedlings are genetically improved to ensure optimal growth and quality, resulting in maximum returns on your investment.

  • Produce high-quality hardwood for commercial use in diverse industries.
  • Contribute to sustainable forestry practices and responsible resource management.
  • Benefit from expert guidance and support to optimize growth and profitability.

See All Our Hardwood Seedling Varieties

Hardwood Tree Species

We offer a diverse range of carefully selected hardwood seedlings to meet your needs. Our hardwood seedlings suit various applications, including wildlife habitats, wetlands, hardwood products, and reclamation projects. Choose from a wide selection of hardwood tree species:

Oak tree seedlings

Our oak tree seedlings are known for their strength and beauty. They are a popular choice for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property while providing valuable wildlife habitat and producing high-quality hardwood products.

Pecan seedlings

Our Pecan seedlings flourish in moist, well-drained soils, growing over 120 feet tall. Highly sought after for their abundant fruit production and durable hardwood, they offer an exceptional investment, providing bountiful harvests and sturdy timber for your land.

Sweetgum tree seedlings

Sweetgum, a resilient tree, thrives in fertile, well-drained soils, growing 80 to 100 feet tall. Our Sweetgum seedlings excel in hardwood plantations, offering exceptional forest products and valuable timber, making them a wise investment for your land.

Cypress, Bald tree seedlings

Cypress and Bald tree seedlings produce prized, long-lived lumber and reach heights up to 150 feet. Thriving in diverse soil types, particularly wetlands and swamps, provides a valuable option for those desiring substantial timber yields and ecological enrichment.

Hickory, Water tree seedlings

Water Hickory, also called Bitter Pecan, exhibits exceptional growth in moist, wet soils, making it an excellent choice for mitigating stream, pond, river, and floodplain areas. In addition to their environmental benefits, these trees provide a plentiful food source for a diverse range of wildlife, promoting sustainable forestry practices.

Persimmon tree seedlings

Persimmon tree seedlings, small in size yet reaching a mature height of 40 to 60 feet, offer edible fruit favored by specific wildlife species. Notably, our Persimmon tree seedlings boast dense and sturdy wood, known for its substantial weight and strength.

What Makes ArborGen Seedlings So Different?

We believe it should be easy for you to grow a healthy, profitable forest for your family. You shouldn’t have to worry about making a bad seedling investment and ending up with a 2nd rate forest with low returns. We’ve proven that planting the very best seedlings available gives you maximum growth, better tree quality and higher returns. We are here to help you choose the appropriate seedlings to match your land and meet your goals. We’ll make sure each and every load of seedlings is SMART-LOADED™ to ensure optimal freshness of your order.

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What species of hardwood seedlings does ArborGen offer?

ArborGen offers diverse hardwood seedlings, including oak, sycamore, chestnut, and various other hardwood species. Visit our Hardwood Seedlings page to explore our complete selection.

How do I determine the number of hardwood seedlings I need for my project?

The number of hardwood seedlings you need depends on various factors, such as the size of your land, desired density, and specific project goals. Our experienced Reforestation Advisors can assist you in determining the appropriate quantity based on your project requirements.