Plant seedlings that will survive at a competitive cost when, where & how you want them

Happier Customers • More Money in Your Hands

Plant seedlings that will survive at a competitive cost when, where & how you want them

Happier Customers • More Money in Your Hands
It’s hard to make money as a tree planter when there are many factors outside your control that can have a negative impact. Especially when you have to compete on price. We understand how it feels to deal with tight schedules, weather and labor issues. Yet over the past 60 years, we have grown our business by helping hundreds of tree planters plant billions of seedlings. We can show you how to make more money with fewer problems.
Make More Money with Less Hassle

Easy to Plant,

Better Survival

Fewer Problems

Better Operations

Faster & More Efficient

Convenient &

Get Seedlings



& How

You Want Them

Make More

Money Faster

Get cash in your hands faster & easier

David Hall, Landowner, Hall Timberlands

ArborGen is part of our trusted team at Hall Timberlands. We’ve planted ArborGen seedlings for as long as I can remember and have been very happy with them.  We plant for maximum return on investment, so in the high-quality soil, we’re starting to plant Varietals. The quicker you can get a stand to sawtimber, the better.

Mark Karnes, The Ross Foundation

We needed a partner to help us meet the requirements of each stand-level forest management objective. The staff at ArborGen works with us to understand our site-specific requirements to help us achieve specific goals. Their expertise and personalized attention at every step of the way make them the perfect seedling partner. They go out of their way to suit my schedule, find me trees if I’m short at the end of planting and help me to resolve any issues that might arise. I feel more confident knowing that If I need my Reforestation Advisor, he’s always right there.

Robert Tassin, Baker Land & Timber Management

When choosing seedlings, I need a partner with strong survival rates. I find ArborGen hardwoods are healthier looking and have more lateral roots, better root systems and better survival rates than products I’ve purchased elsewhere. I’ve used the same planting crews and techniques to plant both ArborGen seedlings and competing products and the proof is in the survival. I always get a better than 90% survival rate from ArborGen hardwoods.

Tim Buckley, Tree Planter

As a tree planter, my primary concern is avoiding seedling mortality. As a long-time ArborGen customer, I have only had one issue with mortality. ArborGen replaced the seedlings no questions asked, and gave me extra to cover my labor costs. They always do whatever they can to make things right. They are great to work with and always accommodating when I have a special need that arises.

JD Neeley, Neeley Forestry Services

Our clients include banks, law firms, accounting firms, trust departments, timber companies and non-industrial private landowners, and in the past, meeting their demands sometimes felt overwhelming.  ArborGen is an integral part of our team because they allow us to choose seedlings to fit any client’s objectives and budget, and they provide the service, information and follow up to make certain those seedlings are going to perform their best and get the maximum return.

Jib Davidson, Columbia Timber Company

If a landowner wants to maximize net revenue, ArborGen seedlings are the way to go. These trees will be harvested in less time, with more volume and more sawtimber per acre. ArborGen seedlings knock your socks off!

Charles Kemp, Marshfield Forest Service

Choosing ArborGen as our primary seedling supplier has reduced the total sum level of stress in my life. ArborGen has good pricing on a wide range of seeding genetics and can provide those seedlings in a timely manner. Quality, punctuality and price are key to a successful tree planting season.

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How Can You Benefit by Choosing ArborGen?

We believe you should be able to make more money with less hassle and fewer problems. You shouldn’t have to worry about seedling costs, planting problems or survival rates. As a tree planter using ArborGen seedlings, your operation will be more efficient, your customers will be happier and you’ll make more money.



Our “We’ve Got Your Back” Promise

We Will:

Offer the types of seedlings you need at a price that wins you business

Provide the most plantable seedlings with the highest survival,
smart-loaded when, where and how you want them

Provide you with the highest level of support & service
before, during & after planting

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