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Discover how ArborGen’s comprehensive range of pine seedling products are designed to support your forestry goals. With ArborGen’s proven expertise and genetically optimized seedlings, you can transform your land into profit, achieving maximum growth, quality, and returns.

Our Pine Seedling Varieties

Explore a range of meticulously cultivated pine seedling products to ensure you experience superior growth rates, genetic quality, and timber value. Our premium pine seedlings guarantee you achieve accelerated growth and optimal investment in your land.

Mass Control Pollinated (MCP®)

Loblolly Tree Farm

Bareroot & Containerized: Loblolly

Mass Control Pollinated (MCP®) Seedlings provide an accelerated path to profitability, boasting faster growth and enhanced revenue potential through advanced genetic selection and management.

  • First thinning about 11 – 13 yrs
  • Total revenue gain > 40%
  • First thinning up to 52 – 65 tons/acre with up to 30% solid wood potential
  • Final harvest with 60% – 80% of trees in sawtimber


    Open Pollinated (OP)

    Pine Seedlings Being Tended To By Arborgen Employees In A Sunny Field | Arborgen

    ​​Bareroot & Containerized: Loblolly and Slash Pine

    Open Pollinated (OP) Seedlings offer a proven choice for your forestry needs with reliable growth rates and excellent timber quality, ensuring a successful investment in the long run.

    • First thinning about 13 – 15 yrs
    • First thinning may yield 40 – 50 tons/acre
    • Final harvest with 20% – 50% of trees in sawtimber


    What Makes ArborGen So Different?

    We believe it should be easy for you to grow a healthy, profitable forest for your family. You shouldn’t have to worry about making a bad seedling investment and ending up with a 2nd rate forest with low returns. We’ve proven that planting the very best seedlings available gives you maximum growth, better tree quality, and higher returns. We are here to help you choose the appropriate seedlings to match your land and meet your goals. We’ll make sure each and every load of pine seedlings is SMART-LOADED™ to ensure optimal freshness of your order.

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    We Will:
    Advise you about your land as if it were our own.
    Always communicate with you in a clear, transparent way with integrity.
    Always be dedicated to providing the best-performing seedlings available anywhere.
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    What advantages do ArborGen's Pine Seedlings offer compared to other pine seedling providers?

    ArborGen’s Pine Seedling products offer a clear advantage over other providers, featuring accelerated financial gains from our premium seedlings, superior genetic traits ensuring robust growth and quality timber, and unmatched support from experienced Reforestation Advisors.

    What are the benefits of Mass Control Pollinated (MCP®) seedlings?

    The benefits of Mass Control Pollinated (MCP®) seedlings are substantial, including accelerated growth and enhanced revenue potential, faster thinning cycles for increased financial returns, and superior quality timber production through advanced genetics.

    What are the benefits of Open Pollinated (OP) seedlings?

    Open Pollinated (OP) seedlings come with significant benefits, such as reliable growth rates and excellent timber quality, proven performance across diverse soil conditions, and a reliable choice for achieving success with pine plantations.

    How can I access ArborGen’s full range of pine seedling varieties?

    To explore ArborGen’s complete range of pine seedling varieties, visit our Pine Seedling Varieties page, ensuring you discover the perfect fit for your unique needs.

    What is the minimum quantity of pine seedlings that I can order?

    ArborGen accommodates a range of order sizes, ensuring you find the ideal amount of pine seedlings for your project. Please reach out to one of our forestry experts to discuss your specific requirements.

    Can ArborGen assist with selecting the right pine seedlings for my project?

    Absolutely! Our experienced Reforestation Advisors are available to guide you in selecting the ideal pine seedlings based on your land characteristics and project goals. Contact us to get started.