Loblolly and Slash Pine Seedlings bred for improved volume gain and quality traits

Open Pollinated (OP) Loblolly and Slash Pine Tree Seedlings

Increased Forest Productivity

Improved Straightness, Disease, and Fusiform Rust Resistance
& Volume

Greater Financial Returns

By planting OP Loblolly pine and Slash pine seedlings you will benefit from improved key genetic traits of each of these members of the southern pines, such as straightness, fusiform rust and disease resistance, and volume unique to this type of pine tree. These improvements will boost forest productivity and your financial return.

Experience Better Productivity and Financial Returns from Your Forest Land

Improved Forest Productivity

Less disease, less fusiform rust infection

Better log quality

Higher volume gain

Higher Financial Returns

Earlier thinnings means more money sooner

More volume and better logs mean more money at harvest

Unbeatable Customer Service

Customized seedling selection from planning through planting

Appropriate choices for YOUR situation

ArborGen Open Pollinated (OP) Pine Seedlings

Our OP Pine seedlings are categorized based on the percentile of the genetic material used to improve them.

Op Products Infographic Arborgen Tree Seedlings Open Pollinated Pine Seedlings - Op

OP Advanced

Top 25% – 11% of OP families in a geographic region with above-average ratings for volume gain and quality traits over the unimproved local check. 

OP Select

Top 10% – 4% in the Loblolly Pine and top 10% – 3% in the Slash Pine OP families in a geographic region with even better ratings for volume gain and quality traits over the unimproved local check.

OP Elite

Top 3% in Loblolly and Slash Pine OP families for a geographic region with the highest ratings in volume growth and quality traits in OP families. 

Our Open Pollinated (OP) Pine Seedlings are:

A blended cross between a known, superior mother tree with a healthy lateral root structure and an unknown father tree that highlights the heartiness renowned in the typical slash pine or loblolly pine of the southern pine family.

In our 1,000 acres of seed orchards from Georgia to Texas, we produce seed best adapted for your planting zone or pine site.

Generated from our genetic field trials, our orchard trees are well-tested for superior genetics.

With more than 35 years in operation, our seed orchard genetics have continuously evolved and improved.

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