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The Best Forestry Seedlings & Field Support To Ensure You Get the Best Trees & Results

Earlier Thinning

More High-Value Sawtimber/Acre

Earlier Final Harvest Age

You Have A Choice!


ArborGen Seedlings

👍🏼 40% – 60% higher Revenue
👍🏼 50 – 100% greater Net Present Value (NPV)
👍🏼 60 – 80% more sawtimber at final harvest
👍🏼 Better log straightness and reduced forking
👍🏼 More disease resistance
OPTIMAL timber market flexibility

Other Seedling Providers

Other Seedling Providers

👎🏼 Lower financial returns
👎🏼 Wait longer to thin

👎🏼 Wait longer to final harvest
👎🏼 Lower log quality: diseased, forked, and crooked
👎🏼 More pulpwood, less sawtimber
LIMITED timber market flexibility

How to Make The Best Seedling Decision

Steps 01 Arborgen Tree Seedlings Home

Set Your Goal

Choose seedlings to best meet your optimal outcome. Know you’ve made the right decision and gotten the best value for your money.

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Watch It Grow

Enjoy watching your healthy seedlings thrive knowing you’ve planted to reap the best results for those who count on you.

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Profit in ANY Timber Market

Your wise investment now in advanced genetics means you will be well-positioned to profit no matter what the timber market looks like down the road.

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Pine Seedling Comparison

Mass Control Pollinated (MCP®)

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

First thinning about 11 – 13 years

Total revenue gain > 40%

First thinning up to 52 – 65 tons/acre with up to 30% solid wood potential

Final harvest with 60% – 80% of trees in sawtimber

Bareroot & Container Loblolly Pine

Open Pollinated (OP)

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

First thinning about 13 – 15 years

First thinning may yield 40 – 50 tons/acre

Final harvest with 20% – 50% of trees in sawtimber

Bareroot & Container

Loblolly & Slash Pine

Hardwood Seedlings?  We also have seedlings for Wildlife Habitat and Revenue Generation

What makes ArborGen the right choice?

Our scientifically proven results & statistical data show without a doubt that when it comes to seedlings, choosing the best – the most advanced seedling genetics you can get – is the wisest financial choice you can make.   

To see for yourself, Request a Demo of our Seedling Revenue Calculator to learn how you can feel confident you’ve made the best seedling decision for your land.

8 Questions To Ask Before Buying Seedlings Cover Arborgen Tree Seedlings Home

Find Out the Top 8 Questions You Need to Ask BEFORE Buying Seedlings (from anyone)

We want you to feel confident you know how to make the best choice for your unique land and goals. We value your information and only want to provide you with actionable, valuable information we think you will find helpful and nothing ‘salesly’.  Download our free PDF today!