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Hardwood Seedlings & Support to Generate Revenue

Realize Revenue from a Well-Managed Forest

Appropriate Species to Diversify for Any Market

Dedicated Hardwood Experts & Nursery

Reliable sources of hardwoods and hardwood tree farmers are getting harder to find.
Did you know…

Hardwood lumber demand in the united states will only continue to increase as supply decreases?

Most pine management techniques are incompatible with hardwood management?

Products derived from hardwood lumber are very diverse and species-dependent?

Species performance is heavily dependent upon appropriate site selection?

Successful hardwood forest planning and implementation take a skilled and knowledgeable reforestation partner.

Take Control: Grow a Profitable Hardwood Forest

Proceed with Confidence

Eliminate confusion by following our Hardwood experts’ clear and precise advice on how to grow high-value trees on your tree farm.

Minimize Risk

Choose wisely and protect your investment to foster more healthy and profitable trees per acre.

Secure Profit

Grow a profitable business that reliably meets the growing demand on tree farms in North America for high-value trees that produce more board feet for diverse Hardwood products

We understand how confusing and intimidating successfully creating a profitable hardwood lumber forest can be. Our dedicated Hardwood reforestation team is here with expert advice and support to help you. Our dedicated Hardwood nursery can supply exactly the seedlings you need – when and where you want them.

Jason Goforth
Jason Goforth, Goforth Forest Management

We have different types of sites that dictate what species we plant and we’re very pleased with ArborGen seedlings. They have the private landowner in mind.

Ken Hoene
Ken Hoene, Forestry Consultant

ArborGen especially has a full range of different Hardwood species and their seedling quality is far and away above anything else we've ever seen. Our partnership with them enables us to do more business in this state more than any other contractor. They make it simple for me and they have the background that helps me decide what to choose to plant. I'm fully confident when I place my order they produce exactly what I want. I have it all on the line and without their help I couldn't do it.

Robert Tassin
Robert Tassin, Baker Land & Timber Management

When choosing seedlings, I need a partner with strong survival rates. I find ArborGen hardwoods are healthier looking and have more lateral roots, better root systems and better survival rates than products I’ve purchased elsewhere. I’ve used the same planting crews and techniques to plant both ArborGen seedlings and competing products and the proof is in the survival. I always get a better than 90% survival rate from ArborGen hardwoods.

JD Neeley
JD Neeley, Neeley Forestry Services

Our clients include banks, law firms, accounting firms, trust departments, timber companies and non-industrial private landowners, and in the past, meeting their demands sometimes felt overwhelming.  ArborGen is an integral part of our team because they allow us to choose seedlings to fit any client’s objectives and budget, and they provide the service, information and follow up to make certain those seedlings are going to perform their best and get the maximum return.

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Jason Goforth
Ken Hoene
Robert Tassin
JD Neeley
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Why Choose ArborGen Hardwood Seedlings?

Dedicated Focus

We have more than 50 hardwood species that perform best for meeting profit goals

Specialized Hardwood Team

Benefit from seasoned experts with advanced Forestry degrees and specialized Hardwoods knowledge

Clear, Transparent, Integrity

We will advise you as if your land was our own. We view your success as our success.

Comprehensive By-Your-Side Support

We’re with you from planning, through planting, and beyond

Available Native Species
Popular for Hardwood Forest Products

Ash, Green
Bald Cypress
Hickory, Water
Oak, Black
Oak, Bur
Oak, Cherrybark
Oak, Chinkapin
Oak, Northern Red
Oak, Nuttall
Oak, Overcup
Oak, Pin
Oak, Post
Oak, Shumard
Oak, Southern Red

Oak, Swamp Chestnut
Oak, Swamp White
Oak, Water
Oak, White
Oak, Willow
Poplar, Yellow
Tupelo, Blackgum
Tupelo, Swamp Blackgum
Tupelo, Water