Global Reforestation Partner

Leading global provider of conventional and advanced genetics tree seedling products

Global Reforestation Partner

Leading global provider of conventional and advanced genetics tree seedling products.

Mission, Vision, and Values 

Our Mission:
To produce superior-performing trees for the forestry industry through innovation, strategic partnerships, and dedication to our client’s success.

Our Vision:
To be the world-leading provider of value-added, high-quality seedlings for the forestry industry, creating thriving forests that benefit landowners, the environment, and future generations through unmatched industry expertise.

Our Values:

  • Excellence – to pursue the maximization and enhancement of all parts of our business
  • People – to commit to an environment where teamwork, diversity, safety, and development are valued
  • Integrity – to stand by our word and our people
  • Customers – to partner with our customers to achieve their long-term goals while treating them with honesty and respect
  • Sustainability – to support the future of forestry through socially and environmentally responsible practices

    We are committed to helping landowners, consulting foresters and tree planters worldwide achieve maximum return, productivity, and profitability from their reforestation efforts. We grow seedlings with healthy lateral root systems and strong survival rates. We help landowners, advisors, and commercial tree planters with best practices for successful Pine and Hardwood reforestation.

    ArborGen is a publicly listed company with shares trading on the New Zealand stock market. Investor information is available on the ArborGen Holdings Limited website,

    Global Operations

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    Created as a partnership for forestry research in 2000 by WestRock (previously MWV), International Paper, and Rubicon (Fletcher Challenge), now produces the largest number of both conventional and advanced genetic tree seedlings in the world. ArborGen’s work represents the integration of many of forestry’s leading seedling research and production companies into a single company, providing seedling solutions to landowners of all sizes to meet forest management objectives. The predecessor companies include International Paper, Champion, MWV, CellFor, Carter Holt Harvey, and Fletcher Challenge. With world headquarters in Ridgeville, S.C. housing world-class forestry research, ArborGen has seven nurseries, six orchards, and additional facilities to distribute seedlings throughout the southeastern United States. Current product development facilities conduct research to find improved growth rates, yields, stress tolerance, disease resistance, and wood quality.

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    ArborGen do Brazil

    ArborGen has been operating in Brazil since 2004 when it opened its office in Campinas in the state of Sao Paulo. ArborGen do Brazil is the only company in Brazil focused exclusively on developing and supplying tree seedlings with superior genetics to the general Brazilian forestry market. ArborGen began selling Eucalyptus seedlings in 2013 and loblolly and other pine seedlings in 2014. Eucalyptus, a hardwood, is the most widely planted tree species in Brazil, loblolly pine is the most widely grown softwood species. Beyond its conventional products, ArborGen Brazil is field-testing herbicide tolerant, drought tolerant high density and high growth eucalyptus products developed using biotechnology.

    Visit ArborGen do Brazil website

    Our management team is dedicated to growing ArborGen’s reforestation partnerships around the globe

    Justin Birch

    Justin Birch

    President & CEO

    Christina Green

    Christina Green

    Chief Financial Officer

    Tim Spreier

    Tim Spreier

    Vice President of Operations

    Kathy Parker

    Kathy Parker

    Vice President, Finance and Accounting

    Adriano Amaral De Almeida

    Adriano Amaral de Almeida

    General Manager, Operations, Brazil

    Cathy Quinn

    Cathy Quinn

    Director, Marketing & Communications

    Jason Watson

    Jason Watson

    Director, US Sales

    Patrick Cumbie, Phd

    Patrick Cumbie, PhD

    Director, Product Development

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