Paul Jeffreys


Reforestation Advisor

Tennessee, Northern Alabama & Mississippi

Paul Jeffreys, P H. D At Arborgen, Serving The Western Tennessee, Alabama, And Mississippi Area.


BS degree in Forestry, Mississippi State University, 1998
MS degree in Forest Genetics, Mississippi State University, 2005
PhD degree in Forestry with an interest in Bottomland Hardwood Growth and Yield, Mississippi State University, 2014

Professional Background

Research Associate in the Forestry Department at Mississippi State University
Instructor in both Forest Measurements and the Summer Field Program for the College of Forest Resources, Mississippi State University
ArborGen Reforestation Advisor, August 2014 – present

Professional Affiliations

Registered Forester in Alabama and Mississippi

Paul is also a landowner and tree farmer in Alabama

I’m Paul Jeffreys, and I am the South Central reforestation advisor for ArborGen. I primarily work in Alabama and Mississippi. I attended forestry school at Mississippi State University and received a Bachelor of Science degree in forest management. I got my Master’s of Science degree in forest genetics and then earned my Ph.D. in bottomland, hardwood growth, and yield. I am also a timberland owner in North Alabama. So when it came to deciding what I wanted to do for my career, it was straightforward. I wanted to work with landowners like myself and like my family, and help them manage their property, the way that they wanted to manage it to achieve their goals. I enjoy working with landowners.

I enjoy assisting landowners in working toward their final goal, whether it be maximizing their return on their timber investment or improving the wildlife habitat on their property. And a lot of times, it’s a combination of both. When I work with new or younger landowners, I can explain all the genetic options available to help them reach their goals. Whether that goal is to maximize their property’s timber yield and financial return or create a wildlife habitat, I provide them with the information and data they need to make an informed decision.

Those landowners getting ready to hand their property over to their children or grandchildren want to make sure that reforestation of their tree stand will provide the return that will allow their children or grandchildren to keep the property in the family for generations to come. Helping landowners get the most enjoyment from their land, financial or recreational, is why I decided to go into forestry. I enjoy and love every day I go to work.