Get a revenue gain of 40% or more with Mass Control Pollinated Loblolly Pine Seedlings

Mass Control Pollinated (MCP®) Loblolly Pine Seedlings

Maximize Your Financial Return

See Outstanding Long-Term Performance

Realize Profits Sooner with Earlier Thinnings

Not all control pollinated loblolly pine tree seedlings are created equal. By choosing ArborGen MCP Loblolly pine seedlings you will experience significant yields in forest productivity and maximize your financial return through forest science and genetic gain.

MCP Loblolly Pine Tree – Age 3.5 – Piedmont – 18 feet tall

pine tree farm Texas

MCP Loblolly Pine Tree – Age 8 – Coastal – 35 feet tall

timber farming photos

MCP Loblolly Pine Tree – Age 12 – Coastal – 60 feet tall

sawtimber farms for sale

Maximize Productivity and Profitability from Your Forest Land

Substantially Better Log Quality

Increased growth

More straight trunk trees

Reduced forking

Better fusiform rust resistance

Significantly Higher Forest Productivity

Earlier thinning

Get more harvest-age trees faster

More high-value columnar trunk sawtimber per acre

Adaptable to a variety of soils

Superior Financial Returns

60 – 80% more sawtimber

50 – 100% gain in Net Present Value [NPV]

Greater than 40% gain in revenue

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David Hall - Timberlands


David Hall


ArborGen is part of our trusted team at Hall Timberlands.

We’ve planted ArborGen seedlings for as long as I can remember and have been very happy with them.

We plant for maximum return on investment, so in the high-quality soil, we’re starting to plant Varietals. The quicker you can get a stand to sawtimber, the better.

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mark karnes Arkansas timberlanlds


Mark Karnes


We needed a partner to help us meet the requirements of each stand-level forest management objective.The staff at ArborGen works with us to understand our site-specific requirements to help us achieve specific goals.

Their expertise and personalized attention at every step of the way make them the perfect seedling partner. They go out of their way to suit my schedule, find me trees if I’m short at the end of planting and help me to resolve any issues that might arise. I feel more confident knowing that If I need my Reforestation Advisor, he’s always right there.

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ArborGen Mass Control Pollinated (MCP) Loblolly Pine Seedlings:

The top 1% performers of 8000 tested loblolly families

Pollen from highest performing father trees applied to flowers of the best mother trees

More than 20 years of field trials

Bareroot or containerized seedling stock types available

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