Precision Agriculture:
Cutting-edge science growing SuperTree Seedlings® for reforestation.


Created as a partnership for forestry research in 2000 by WestRock (MWV), International Paper and Rubicon (Fletcher Challenge), now produces the largest number of both conventional and advanced genetic tree seedlings in the world. With world headquarters in Ridgeville, S.C. housing world class forestry research, ArborGen has six nurseries, six orchards and additional facilities to distribute seedlings throughout the southeastern United States. Current product development includes research to find improved growth rates, yields, stress tolerance, disease resistance and wood quality.

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ArborGen Brazil

ArborGen has been operating in Brazil since 2004 when it opened its office in Campinas in the state of Sao Paulo. ArborGen do Brazil is the only company in Brazil focused exclusively on developing and supplying tree seedlings with superior genetics to the general Brazilian forestry market. ArborGen began selling Eucalyptus seedling in 2013 and loblolly and other pine seedlings in 2014.  Eucalyptus, a hardwood, is the most widely planted tree species in Brazil, loblolly pine is the most widely grown softwood species. Beyond its conventional products, ArborGen do Brazil is field testing herbicide tolerant, drought tolerant high density and high growth eucalyptus products developed using biotechnology.

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ArborGen Australasia

ArborGen Australasia, based in Wakkatane New Zealand, operates four bareroot nurseries and one container nursery in New Zealand and a combined bareroot/container facility in Australia. Products here include Radiata Pine used for building, furniture, plywood and other panels, and Eucalyptus, the predominant hardwood species primarily grown for paper. Australasian product and technology development are all provided out of the Whakatane facility.

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Global Operations

  • Operations in the United States, Australia, Brazil and New Zealand
  • 14 commercial-scale seedling nurseries, including six in the U.S. South
  • State-of-the-art science, advanced technology and hands-on management
  • Loblolly Pine, Radiata Pine and hardwood species for commercial reforestation


Superior Seeds make Exceptional Seedlings for Valuable Trees and Profitable Forests

What makes ArborGen seeds superior?
Exceptional Breeding. Outstanding Results.
What makes SuperTree Seedlings exceptional?
Unequaled Quality. Unparalleled Service.
What makes SuperTree Seedlings trees more valuable?
Superior Growth. Higher Wood Quality.
How is a SuperTree Seedlings forest more profitable?
Predictable Results. Maximum Financial Return.