Your Seedling Decision Has Long-Term Impacts.


Make sure the seedlings you plant will meet your goals.

Without a doubt, choosing the right seedlings to reach your family and financial goals is a decision with long-term consequences. Making a wrong decision now can mean earning less than half of the revenue of your land can generate with the right seedlings.

There’s only one chance per rotation to get it right when choosing which seedlings to plant. Landowners and land managers need to make the best seedling genetics choice that provides the opportunity to take advantage of whatever timber market offers the most revenue at harvest.

While of course you trust your consultant, wise landowners do their own due diligence regarding such a far-reaching decision. Not all forestry consultants are equally well-versed in the various seedling options that have become available to the public in recent years. Ensuring they are choosing seedlings based on your desired outcomes is a smart strategy to protect your investment.

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You only have one chance to get it right!
The wrong choice can be a 25-year mistake.

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Make sure the company you work with asks you about your goals for you and your family and helps you to achieve those. They should communicate with you in a clear, transparent way with facts and data that support their claims, especially around genetics and field performance.

It is essential they have the experience and education in forestry to understand all of the factors you need to consider when planting. This expertise should include silviculture and genetics. Additionally, they should be willing and able to give you the hard, precise data to prove why their recommendations are sound.

When it comes to reforestation, the seedling decision is of primary importance.  You get one chance to get it right and it’s crucial to be informed and supported in this decision.

Make sure you ask questions about your seedling investment. Our forestry-trained and experienced Reforestation Advisors can help answer those questions.

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Here are some helpful resources to guide you:

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If you’d like a second opinion or someone to work with your consultant to ensure the seedlings you get are the right ones to meet your specific goals, feel free to reach out to the Reforestation Advisor in your area.

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