Tissue Culture Propagation,
In Vitro, and Biotechnology Services

A global leader in scalable production of in vitro based plant species


Accelerated Scale-Up of
Vegetatively-Propagated Species


Virus-Free Propagation of
Horticultural, Tropical & Other Species


Enablement of CRISPR Development
Programs in Tree Crops

Leverage Our Advanced Biotech Resources to Achieve Scaleable Production and Enter New Markets Sooner.

With decades of field-proven genetic transformation at a 100% success rate, ArborGen offers highly specialized biotechnology capabilities to external organizations. Producers of hemp, coffee, cacao, and other tropical species can benefit from the power of in vitro production while avoiding the risk and expense of internal infrastructure and in-house expertise.

Our Capabilities

Bioprocess Systems Successfully Deployed to Date:

Somatic embryogenesis (SE)

• Pine, spruce, fir
• Sugarcane
• Sweetgum
• Avocado (in progress)

• Eucalyptus
• Hemp

Integrated Service Includes:

• New cell line development
• Cryo-preservation / cell banking
• Process optimization
• Scale-up and automation
• SOP writing/validation

R&D Platform:

• New in vitro propagation protocols in the development of new crops

• Operation of cGMP standard tissue culture labs

• Cryo-preservation of diversified germplasm