From SuperTree to Arborgen

A Legacy of Growth in Quality Pine Seedlings

Formerly SuperTree Nurseries, Still the Best Pine Seedlings

For landowners wondering where to buy pine seedlings, ArborGen offers disease-resistant varieties with superior growth rates, genetic quality, and timber value. If you’ve known our legacy brand, SuperTree Nurseries, we’ve transitioned SuperTree to Arborgen, an ensure our continued commitment to providing the finest disease-resistant pine seedlings that produce the highest quality trees.

Pine Tip Moth Arborgen Tree Seedlings Supertrees
Varietal Pine Seedling - 9 Foot Tall Tree At Two Years

No More Second-Rate Forest When You Invest in ArborGen’s Pine Seedlings

Our landowners trust ArborGen Nurseries because of our premium tree quality and commitment to excellence. Our nurseries (and formerly SuperTree Nursery) provide pine seedlings that are the fastest-growing trees in North America because of their quality genetics.

Our seedlings deliver fast-paced growth, improved timber value, and higher earnings thanks to advanced genetic selection and management.

You Have A Choice!


ArborGen Seedlings

👍🏼 40% – 60% higher Revenue
👍🏼 50 – 100% greater Net Present Value (NPV)
👍🏼 60 – 80% more sawtimber at final harvest
👍🏼 Better log straightness and reduced forking
👍🏼 More disease resistance
OPTIMAL timber market flexibility

Other Seedling Providers

Other Seedling Providers

👎🏼 Lower financial returns
👎🏼 Wait longer to thin

👎🏼 Wait longer to final harvest
👎🏼 Lower log quality: diseased, forked, and crooked
👎🏼 More pulpwood, less sawtimber
LIMITED timber market flexibility

Nursery & Reforestation Advisor Locations – USA

ArborGen’s headquarters are in Ridgeville, S.C., and its eight nurseries are in the southeastern United States. To view a map or visit any of the nurseries listed below, click the appropriate link.

Paul Jeffreys, Ph.D.

Manager Special Projects & Sustainability, Reforestation Advisor
Alabama & Mississippi
About Paul

Austin Heine

Reforestation Advisor
North Carolina & Virginia
About Austin

Shannon Stewart

Reforestation Advisor
Eastern Texas, Southern Louisiana
About Shannon

Kylie Burdette

U.S. Sales Manager and
Reforestation Advisor,

South Carolina
About Kylie

Jason Cromer

Reforestation Advisor
Georgia, Florida Gulf Coast, Southern Alabama
About Jason

Greg L. Hay, A.C.F., C.F., R.F.

Reforestation Advisor
Arkansas, Northern Louisiana, Oklahoma
About Greg

Blenheim Nursery

Mike Arnette, Nursery Manager
800-222-1290 x22
Nursery Page

Bellville Nursery

Kim Mushrush, Nursery Manager
Nursery Page

Bluff City Nursery

Robert Nimmo, Nursery Manager
Nursery Page

Bullard Nursery

Gene Bickerstaff, Nursery Manager
800-642-2264 x24
Nursery Page

Jasper Nursery

Gene Bickerstaff, Nursery Manager
Nursery Page

Livingston Distribution Point

Gene Bickerstaff, Nursery Manager
Distribution Point Page

Selma Nursery


Joe Watters, Nursery Manager
Nursery Page

Shellman Nursery

Jim Crittenden, Nursery Manager
800-554-6550 x 23
Nursery Page

Jason Watson

Director, US Sales
About Jason

You Still Get Super Trees with ArborGen

Open Pollinated (OP)

Pine Seedlings Being Tended To By Arborgen Employees In A Sunny Field | Arborgen

​​Bareroot & Containerized: Loblolly and Slash Pine

Open Pollinated (OP) Seedlings offer a proven choice for your forestry needs with reliable growth rates and excellent timber quality, ensuring a successful investment in the long run.

  • First thinning about 13 – 15 yrs
  • First thinning may yield 40 – 50 tons/acre
  • Final harvest with 20% – 50% of trees in sawtimber


Mass Control Pollinated (MCP®)

Loblolly Tree Farm

Bareroot & Containerized: Loblolly

Mass Control Pollinated (MCP®) Seedlings provide an accelerated path to profitability, boasting faster growth and enhanced revenue potential through advanced genetic selection and management.

  • First thinning about 11 – 13 yrs
  • Total revenue gain > 40%
  • First thinning up to 52 – 65 tons/acre with up to 30% solid wood potential
  • Final harvest with 60% – 80% of trees in sawtimber


    What Makes ArborGen So Different?

    We believe it should be easy for you to grow a healthy, profitable forest for your family. You shouldn’t have to worry about making a bad seedling investment and ending up with a 2nd rate forest with low returns. We’ve proven that planting the best seedlings available gives you maximum growth, better tree quality, and higher returns. We are here to help you choose the appropriate seedlings to match your land and meet your goals. We’ll ensure every load of pine seedlings is SMART-LOADED™ to ensure optimal freshness of your order.

    Trust, communication, and proven genetics are three words our customers use when describing the success of their forests after growing ArborGen’s seedlings (and previously Super Trees, SuperTree Nursery, or SuperTrees).

    You won’t have a second-rate forest with low returns when you work with ArborGen (formerly SuperTrees or Super Trees). We’ve proven that planting the best available seedlings gives you maximum growth, improved tree quality, and higher returns.

    We at ArborGen help you choose superior seedlings that meet your investment goals. We also ensure that every pine seedling load is SMART-LOADED™, guaranteeing your order’s optimal freshness.

    Trusted By

    8 Questions To Ask Before Buying Seedlings Cover Arborgen Tree Seedlings Supertrees

    Our “Beside You Every Step of the Way” Promise(from anyone)

    We Will:
    Advise you about your land as if it were our own.
    Always communicate with you in a clear, transparent way with integrity.
    Always be dedicated to providing the best-performing seedlings available anywhere.
    Be here for you whenever you need us.

    What is the history behind SuperTree and Arborgen?

    SuperTree was a brand/product of International Paper that exclusively applied to Pine Trees. In 2007, Arborgen acquired all the nurseries that used to sell SuperTrees from International Paper. The transition from SuperTree to Arborgen maintains our commitment to providing the finest disease-resistant pine seedlings.

    Why should I choose Arborgen seedlings over other options?

    Arborgen’s Pine Seedlings offer numerous benefits including 40% – 60% higher revenue, 50 – 100% greater Net Present Value (NPV), 60 – 80% more sawtimber at final harvest, better log straightness and reduced forking, increased disease resistance, and optimal timber market flexibility. We also offer multiple varieties adapted for the entire natural range of Loblolly Pine.

    What makes ArborGen different from other options?

    ArborGen is committed to making it easy for you to grow a healthy, profitable forest for your family. We prioritize providing you with the very best seedlings available, ensuring maximum growth, better tree quality, and higher returns. Our expert team is dedicated to helping you choose seedlings that match your land and goals. Each load of pine seedlings is SMART-LOADED™ to guarantee optimal freshness of your order.