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ArborGen MCP® (Mass Control Pollinated)
Loblolly Pine at Age 20: Berkeley County, S.C.

Mcp Photo Arborgen Tree Seedlings August-2018-Treelines

Thinned @ age 12:
Removed all pulpwood

Trees/acre after thin:
MCP – 139 (All Sawtimber)
OP – 102

Height @ age 20
MCP – 79’
OP – 73’

Growth rate:
MCP: 8 tons/acre/year
OP: 6 tons/acre/year

MCP has 55% MORE volume per acre.
That’s a 115% increase in sawtimber!


The US South’s softwood lumber industry is in the middle of its largest expansion in over 40 years. During the first half of 2018, plans to build seven new lumber mills have been announced. This is in addition to five new mills already announced/constructed since 2016 and numerous investments aimed at increasing capacity and productivity at existing facilities throughout the region. In total, Southern lumber capacity is expected to rise to nearly 24 billion board feet (BBF) of capacity over the next 5 years, a 17% increase relative to the industry’s size at the height of the housing boom in the mid-2000s.” – from a recent article by Rocky Goodnow published in the July 2018 edition of ArborGen Treelines.

With these impressive results, soaring lumber prices, and new sawmills under construction, now is the time to plant ArborGen MCP seedlings.


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The Forest Landowners Association is conducting a study of private woodland ownership, with an emphasis on large family forest owners (1,000 acres or more). Your input could shape policies to help promote the rights and interests of private forest landowners in America. Your participation is voluntary, and all responses are confidential. We encourage you to take a few minutes to complete this survey.
FLA is an association of landowners who are the stewards of America’s private forests. FLA members actively manage their land with a sustainable approach and for an economic return, ensuring the prosperity of their forests for future generations.  They range from large forest businesses whose land has been in their families for generations to those who have become recent forest landowners because they view forests as a long-term investment.

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