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Daily Seedling Planting Log

ArborGen is dedicated to the success of our customers. In keeping with this commitment, we have created a “Daily Planting Log” available at our nurseries.

This log will allow the contractor to document the details of the seedlings at delivery, including the condition of the seedlings, seedling type, and packaging. Along with the initial inspection, the planter will be able to keep track of the date of planting, weather conditions as well as planting tool used. All of this information can be recorded and readily accessible in the event of any questions after planting is complete.

Make sure you request a Daily Planting Log to be included in your delivery or pick-up. Please contact the nursery or reforestation advisor should you have any questions.

Daily Seedling Plant Details

Protecting Your Seedlings During Planting Operations

Keeping your seedlings cool on-site with a refrigerated trailer

ArborGen Reforestation Advisor Randy Jarzyniecki and Jimmy Bielling discuss the importance of keeping your seedlings cool while they await planting.


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Austin Heine

Austin Heine

North Carolina and Virginia


Jason Cromer

Jason Cromer

Florida, Georgia


Greg Hay

Greg Hay

Arkansas, Northern Louisiana, and Oklahoma


Shannon Stewart

Shannon Stewart

Eastern Texas, Southern Louisiana


Paul Jeffreys, Ph.d.

Paul Jeffreys, Ph.D.

Alabama & Mississippi

Manager Special Projects & Sustainability

Kylie Burdette

Kylie Burdette

U.S. Sales Manager

Reforestation Advisor
South Carolina

Jason Watson

Jason Watson

Director, U.S. Sales