March 2021 – 2nd Edition

ArborGen Produces Four Types of MCP®:  Why?

John Pait Arborgen Tree Seedlings Treelines March 2021 2Nd EditionArticle by John Pait, VP Sales & Marketing

Large-scale control pollination to make hybrid crosses is just a production technique; seedlings produced in this way are not necessarily better than open-pollinated seedlings just because they are hybrids.

Mcp Article Photo Arborgen Tree Seedlings Treelines March 2021 2Nd EditionThe value of a hybrid seedling is based on the specific parents used to produce the hybrid seed. Recognizing this, ArborGen has four categories of its Mass Control Pollinated (MCP®) hybrids separated by increasingly higher levels of volume growth while maintaining the same high standards for log quality depending on the seedling’s parents.   As with our open-pollinated (OP) seedlings, we have MCP Advanced, Select, and Elite.  Additionally, for the first time, we are offering our highest performing hybrids in a new category called “MCP 2.0.” Each category has clearly defined levels of gain and value to meet the needs of every landowner. Furthermore, ArborGen has over 100 MCP families adapted to every growing region across the loblolly pine natural range from New Jersey to Texas.

In last month’s edition of TreeLines, Dr. Michael Cunningham, ArborGen’s Vice President of Global Product Development,  provided a thorough explanation of these categories, their expected yields, and the financial gains for each type of MCP.  A quick look at the table below from that article comparing our MCP categories to Open Pollinated Elite makes it clear why we have four categories; the growth differences alone are substantial.

MCP Categories versus OP Elite:  Volume Gains Over Unimproved Checklots

Provenance OP Elite MCP Advanced MCP Select MCP Elite MCP 2.0
Northern Coastal 50% 65% 70 – 75% 80 – 85%  
Southern Coastal 61% 65% 70 – 75% 80 – 85% 90 – 95%
Piedmont 84% 90% 95 – 100% 100 – 105%  
Arkansas 32% 40% 45 – 50%    
Texas 32% 40% 45 – 50%    

ArborGen has been testing and producing MCP much longer than any other US company with long-term field trial and commercial data more than 20 years old.  We know what parents to use and how MCP seedlings from those parents will perform. Some other producers have rushed in to begin control pollination efforts, but they have a long way to go to match our levels of gain and actual performance data.  In fact, we have observed product scores for some control pollinated families that do not even meet the level of gain we have for OP Elite, let alone MCP.

Mcp Age 20 At 79 Ft Arborgen Tree Seedlings Treelines March 2021 2Nd EditionOur MCP seedlings come from crosses among highly tested parent trees, and their offspring are tested as well.  We are the only company that has this extra level of testing to provide our customers with the validation and confidence that these seedlings will perform “as advertised.”  Furthermore, we are testing hundreds of new hybrids for future introduction.  With the stringent criteria we place on volume growth, straightness, disease resistance, and forking, you can be assured that any new MCP families we produce will be top performers.

With four levels of performance come four levels of financial gains to our customers, providing successively higher sawtimber and revenue levels.  Our pricing for MCP categories reflects the increased performance with the lowest price for MCP Advanced and the highest for MCP 2.0.  This allows you to determine what level of investment you want to make depending on site quality, local markets, and other factors important to you.  ArborGen has been at the forefront of large-scale control pollination from the start. You can be confident we are clear and transparent about the results you can expect to see from your MCP purchase. Contact your ArborGen Reforestation Advisor to determine which MCP product is right for you or to place an order for next season’s MCP.

Success Story: Clay Creed – Part II

Mr. Clay Creed of Shoeheel Land Management in North Carolina shares more about  his experience with ArborGen.  Watch video on the right.

What’s Happening:  Working Around the Clock!

The pollen season is here!  Our crews are working diligently to put MCP bags in place so we can bring you the very best trees.

State of Florida Timber Block Grant

Any Landowners who suffered damage to their pine and hardwood tracts due to Hurricane Michael may be eligible for a direct payment.

Florida Department Of Emergency Management Logo Arborgen Tree Seedlings Treelines March 2021 2Nd EditionFlorida Forest Service Logo Arborgen Tree Seedlings Treelines March 2021 2Nd EditionFlorida Timber Recovery Block Grant Program (“TRBG”) is available to timber producers who suffered timber damage as a result of Hurricane Michael. Compensation for hurricane related crop loss is provided to producers that meet eligibility requirements. The program is managed by the Florida Division of Emergency Management in conjunction with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the US Department of Agriculture.


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