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Time to Get the Best Seedlings to Our Customers

Harvesting and Delivery is a Special Time of the Year!

Seedling Lifting
As you are reading this, we have started the time-sensitive task of getting seedlings out of the ground and to our customers as quickly as possible. The nurseries set February 15 each year as the target date to have all of the trees out of the ground. After that, trees will start breaking dormancy as the days become longer. To get the entire crop lifted we have to lift an average of 1.5 million seedlings a day at each nursery.

Seedling Packing
We begin the process of counting seedlings even before lifting with our October nursery inventory. By determining the number of seedlings per nursery bed, we can estimate the number of seedlings per box. For example, if a seedlot has 100 plantable seedlings per linear nursery bed foot (one foot long by four feet wide) and the bed is 500 feet long, there will be 50,000 plantable seedlings of that seedlot available for reforestation.

Once lifted, sprayed with root gel and packaged, we determine the number of the boxes. If 50 boxes are used then there are 1,000 seedlings per box on average. To make sure that the average box count is accurate, nursery personnel randomly select a sample of the boxes packed and carefully count the number of quality, plantable seedlings. The box count can be adjusted up or down as required. Seedling inventory and determination of average box count are two methods that give us the ability to meet the seedling needs of our valued reforestation partners in the Southeast.

Customer Success Story

Will Tulloss Headshot Arborgen Tree Seedlings November 2018 Treelines“After working with ArborGen in my first tree planting season, I am confident they will always fulfill my client’s needs for high quality Loblolly Pine seedlings that are on the cutting edge of genetic improvement. The purchasing process, all the way from ordering the seedlings to delivery, was seamless. The ease of ordering and “peace of mind” that is delivered with their product does NOT go unnoticed. I will be a long-term promoter of ArborGen and their excellent seedlings.”

– Will Tulloss, Manager,
Mazur & Tulloss Associates LLC

Seedlings Going Fast – Order Yours Now!

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Seedling Care During Transit

Seedling Care During Transit
Geoffrey Lee Hill, ArborGen Reforestation Advisor, shares helpful tips to maximize seedling survivability when transporting seedlings.

Contact your Reforestation Advisor with any questions you may have about a new or existing order.  They’re always happy to help.

Seedling Delivery

Where You Want Them, When You Want Them

On time delivery of seedlings to you is a critical step in providing fresh, healthy seedlings for planting at your site. ArborGen will partner with you for delivery of your seedlings using the optimum mode of delivery, packaging, and scheduling. The final method of shipping and cost to deliver will be based on our efforts to achieve the lowest cost solution while meeting your service requirements for delivery. All orders shipping from ArborGen locations or coolers is shipped F.O.B. nursery of origin. You always have the option to pick your seedlings up at the nursery.

Seedling Delivery Chart Arborgen Tree Seedlings November 2018 Treelines
An additional service available to you for medium to large volume orders is refrigerated van rental for the purpose of dropping the van at your site for as many days as required to complete planting.

Seedlings lifted before January 1st typically have limited storage time.  Please contact the nursery providing your seedlings to see how much storage time can be used for the seedlings.  This could impact the number of seedlings being delivered in a single shipment recognizing the time required to plant the seedlings once delivered.

Need a trusted partner to guide the way?
Get in touch with a Reforestation Advisor to explore your options!

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