August 2020 – 2nd Edition

Time to Reforest – Now What?

When the reforestation process starts, most landowners know the amount of land they own and they want to plant the most productive seedlings available. With new options and genetics available today, both site preparation and seedling selection are two key factors where it pays to talk to a Reforestation Advisor (RA) to make sure you are getting the most value for your investment.

In talking to landowners, the first question RAs always ask is “What do you desire at the harvest of your trees?” At that point we begin to ask a landowner about the site they want to plant. There are some basic questions that have to be addressed immediately such as:


  • What type of soil is in the planting site – Sand, Silt or Clay?
  • What is the soil pH?
  • What nutrients do you have in the soil?

Arborgen Trees In Florida Arborgen Tree Seedlings Treelines August 2020 2Nd EditionAfter investing both money and time in site preparation, it is important that landowners do their homework to determine the best seedlings for their goals. Let’s look at pine seedlings. As breeding and technology has advanced, landowners continuously have new options available to them. Following rigorous progeny testing, Open Pollinated, Mass Control Pollinated (MCP®) and Varietal seedlings are now available to the public. In addition, landowners have classifications within each of those types. The rankings with the classifications are influenced by:

  • Height
  • Volume
  • Straightness in regards to form
  • Disease resistance
  • Forking probability

ArborGen can provide clear performance data of all traits to customers supported by university co-ops and internal trial data. By asking the right questions, we are able to use our knowledge of forestry and genetics to partner with a landowner to help establish a stand of trees that has the highest probability of reaching their goals.

H-2B Update

With ArborGen’s commitment to continue to update forestry contractors, consultants/managers, and landowners on the latest information concerning H-2B, below is an additional communication from Forest Resources Association on National Exemption Guidance including a letter template that you can use for visa applications.

Know that we will continue to monitor the developments on this process on your behalf and we will forward you any new information we receive.  

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