May 2021 – 1st Edition

Now is the Time

Lumber prices have soared and, new sawmills are under construction throughout the Southeast.

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What does this mean for forest landowners? It means now is the time for you to plant trees that provide highest growth and log quality for an even more profitable forest for you and your family. Take advantage of improving markets by planting MCP® today that will give you 70% more sawtimber and 40% more revenue. You invest $75 now and earn $1,000 with more sawtimber per acre. MCP also allows earlier thinnings by 3 to 6 years with 25-40% more volume, meaning an even earlier return on your investment.

Mass Production Chart Crosses Of Loblolly Seedlings Arborgen Tree Seedlings Treelines May 2021 1St EditionThere are currently more than two million acres of MCP planted – 160 million seedlings planted this year alone! As shown by this graph from an N.C. State Tree Coop study, production has increased as landowners see the increased benefits of planting trees with greater growth, higher sawtimber potential, and better rust resistance. ArborGen produces 80% of all MCP sold, has the top performing MCP families for all regions in the South and has 20 year data supporting landowner investment in MCP seedlings.

 The process doesn’t stop there. We maintain strict labeling and database information from the orchards to the nurseries to ensure you get the seedlings you ordered.

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Webinar Next Wednesday, May 19th 12:30PM EDT / 11:30AM CDT

We all know the last several years have been tough in the timber market. As a result, many are asking themselves what’s the best thing to do next:

Should I even bother to reforest?

If so, should I spend as little as possible to be safe?

And it’s about way more than just about money.

If you’re interested in learning how you can benefit whether the market stays down or goes up, I’d like to invite you to attend a FREE Live Training. 

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Get to know Kylie Burdette, SC Reforestation Advisor

Kylie Burdette, Reforestation Advisor for the South Carolina area has a background as a forester with a specialization in timber inventory management and forest certification.

She is also an experienced GIS analyst and a certified unmanned aircraft pilot. Kylie earned a B.S. in Forest Resources Management and a Masters in Forest Resources at Clemson University.


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Austin Heine

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Paul Jeffreys, Ph.D.

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Kylie Burdette

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