September 2020 – 2nd Edition

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Article by Jason Watson, Reforestation Manager


At ArborGen, we know the decisions you make for your land can affect the future for you, your family, or your clients. Today, there are more options than ever for genetics, stock-type, seedling spacing, and planting method. These options can be overwhelming, especially since they impact the property’s production potential for 25 years.

Cecil Jason Medium Arborgen Tree Seedlings Treelines September 2020 2Nd EditionOur Reforestation Advisors’ (RAs) wealth of experience and training give them the unique ability to carefully listen to each client’s land management goals and aspirations to develop a deep understanding of how best to serve them. They ARE foresters specializing in all aspects of reforestation, offering expertise in silvicultural techniques and genetics selection to launch a new forest successfully. Many of our advisors are not only tree farmers themselves but have advanced degrees in forestry, including silviculture and genetics, forest resources management, and hardwood growth and yield.

RAs frequently visit client properties to discuss reforestation options and to help the client plan accordingly. RAs use their forestry expertise to partner with our clients to create a plan specific to their goals. Whether it’s discussing genetic options well suited for local timber markets, recommending initial spacing to optimize those choices, or recommending planting techniques to ensure good survival, RAs walk hand-in-hand with ArborGen clients to maximize the potential of their reforestation investment. In the end, weighing the cost and benefits of the multitude of options that exist, ArborGen clients can execute a reforestation plan with confidence.

The Forest Recovery Act – We Need Your Help!

An Important Message for the Forestry Industry

Planning Early Arborgen Tree Seedlings Treelines September 2020 2Nd EditionIf you own or manage forests for timber and want to change the tax code to ensure your decades of hard work, risk and investments don’t result in a total loss from a natural disaster, contact your Senators and Representatives today.

Across America forest landowners are suffering from catastrophic natural disasters in all forms at record levels, which are claiming millions of forested acres. Landowners managing for timber are losing decades’ worth of tree growth.

National and state forestry associations across the country, along with multigenerational forestland owners and businesses wrote to Congress in April calling for the immediate passage of the Forest Recovery Act (HR 1444, S 1687). Time is running out for Congress to act before the end of the year, yet fires derechos, tornados and hurricanes continue to claim forestlands at record rates.

The Forest Recovery Act would amend the tax code to allow forest owners to deduct the full market value of their timber prior to the loss caused by natural disasters. Currently, landowners and business generally receive $0 tax deduction on the loss of their timber.

Congress must amend the U.S. tax code to allow for a tax-deduction of the fair market value of loss timber following natural disasters. Providing a tax deduction for casualty losses would not only help landowners recover, but also encourage investment in reforesting damaged acres.

We need your help in sending a strong and loud message to members of Congress across the country.

Melinda Gable Arborgen Tree Seedlings Treelines September 2020 2Nd Edition

Melinda Gable,
Vice President,
Forest Landowners Association

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