May 2020 – 1st Edition

Investing in Forest Genetics – Is it Worth It?

One of the most often asked questions is when customers are considering seedlings reforestation is, “How much is this going to cost?”


Of course, any seedling choice needs appropriate site prep for successful growth. Without that, no seedling has the opportunity to reach its full genetic potential. When looking at seedling options, try not to focus on just cost. Think of it as an investment. Here’s why.

The advancement of forest genetics within the last twenty years has steadily improved with more options than ever which fall into three distinctive categories at ArborGen: Open Pollinated, Mass Control Pollinated, and Varietal Seedlings.

If you could invest $100 today and received $1,600 for that investment, would you consider that a good investment?

To help you understand the increased return for each dollar of additional investment in improved genetics, ArborGen has developed a tool based on industry models and cashflow analysis to help you see the value of the investment in your selection. Our seedling calculator (see video below) demonstrates scenarios in which each increase in your seedling investment yields an increase in revenue. During a recent visit to a customer, I was able to discuss the advantages of each level of seedling genetic improvement and use the calculator to quickly demonstrate the cost difference and revenue increase in the scenarios he gave me. In each of these scenarios, it revealed he was able to capture increased revenue moving to higher genetics (estimated at the time of thinning and final harvest).

With any category, I can provide a scenario that best fits your needs. If OP Select is your first option, let me show how OP Elite could increase your return even more. If MCP Advanced is your first choice, let me explain how MCP Select or MCP Elite can increase your profit.

Let’s discuss your goals, and we can put a plan in place for you.

Contact me or any other ArborGen Reforestation Advisor to get started today.

North Carolina pine nursery advisors
Article by Thomas Jackson, North Carolina Reforestation Advisor


Seedling Revenue Calculator

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Keep an eye out for a special version of the ArborGen Seedling Revenue Calculator video for Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

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